Yaw Antwi-Donkor

It is very astonishing to realise that it has been 10 years already. It all began in the living room with Daddy, Mummy, the children and me.

Our aim was to bring people who did not know Christ to God. We did not want to build a church based on people leaving their churches to join us. We rather wanted to start from scratch. This made it extra difficult and onerous.

For a long while it was just the 7 of us meeting every Sunday morning at 11 am in the living room. This was difficult as we were very familiar with each other and had to put in extra effort to take what we were doing seriously. The only instruments we had then were some tambourines and our hands, but we could feel the presence of God during our praises and worship sessions.

Gradually we are slipped into our various ministries. Mummy and Daddy took care of the sermons whilst I, Nana Kyere, Maame Konama, Kwadwo Antwi and Maame Yeboah handled the praises and worship.

With time God sent us someone who could play the keyboard, so he started to teach the children how to play and this added some additional dimension to our worship. With time we started to go out to town to deliver leaflets and speak to people on Saturdays. After all this, it was still the 7 of us and no new members.

God miraculously blessed us with a meeting place at Hazel bottom after searching for so long. That was the beginning of greater things to come. We moved our Sunday service to the Hazel bottom church and used the living room for our bible study meetings.

After almost a year of meetings, we finally got our first members of the church outside of the 7 core members. This was Sister Betty and her family. After a while we got a second family joined. This was Sister Nelly and her family. God then blessed us with a third family, Sister Esther and her family.By this time God had blessed us with a projector and a drum set in addition to the key board. So, there was a lot of flavour to our praises and worship.

I assumed the role of the music leader as I could sing a bit. With all the children in the church we decided to form a church choir. We used to meet every Saturday to rehearse the songs for Sunday. Some of our choir meetings were sometimes chaotic due to the number of children but God always saw us through. With time we got a few more members. I remember Brother Ben and his wife.

With all this going on, God blessed me with a wife and I can say to the glory of God that I was the first person to receive marriage counselling from the church and God has truly blessed this union. My wife Abena joined us in 2010 and without any prior experience took to playing the church drums.

Sadly, these three families left one after the other when things seemed OK with them and soon, we were back to square one. But God wasn’t done yet! He kept bringing in people through no effort of ours.

I had to relocate to Edinburgh with work and one would have thought that it was going to affect the church adversely. God had other plans though! The Church has been growing from strength to strength and has culminated into what we all see and share today.

I can assure you that God is still not done yet.
To God be the Glory!

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