The Tetteh Family

We joined Goodnews AG in 2014. Prior to that we had attended other churches but seemed to be lacking something. We did not have that inner satisfaction of being spiritually filled and there seemed to be a stagnation or slowing down of our spiritual growth.

T.T who is endowed with musical talent was yearning to use this talent by sharing and teaching the youth, was frustrated and felt he was not putting into good use this talent which he will one day account for. We had that guilty feeling of not serving or doing enough in the Lords vine yard.

Besides, we needed to have that sense of belonging to the body of Christ which we lacked. We as parents were worried about the spiritual foundation of our children. So, we set out to find a bible believing church that could offer us what we were lacking and to the glory of God,

Goodnews has been the place. We have found these and many more in Goodnews AG. It’s been a wonderful place to be and belong and we always look forward to meeting brethren to learn and share the word of God and get spiritually filled with the soul touching sermons of our pastors.

It’s been a pleasure and we love it.

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