Eleven paintings used for Pink Floyd’s album “The Wall” done by artist Gerald Scarfe will be exhibited and sold by the San Francisco Art Exchange, the gallery announced March 7. The paintings will go on exhibit starting in San Francisco at the gallery, located on Geary Street, in July. Scarfe will attend the opening night event, the gallery said.

The paintings on display will include “The Scream,” “Wife With Flaming Hair,” “Giant Judge and Hammers,” “The Mother,” “Education For What? No Jobs!,” “The Wife’s Shadow,” “One of The Frightened Ones,” “The Gross Inflatable Pig,” “Comfortably Numb,” “The Teacher” along with a storyboard for “The Wall.” “Giant Judge and Hammers” will also be on display at the Victoria & Albert Museum’s “The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains” in London beginning May 13. In addition to his work for Pink Floyd, Scarfe, a well-known political cartoonist, has also done work for Walt Disney’s “Hercules” and opening segments for the television shows “Yes, Minister” and “Yes, Prime Minister.” He is married to actress Jane Asher.

Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” album, about an emotionally crippled rock star, hit the top of the Billboard album charts for the band in early 1980. One of the singles released from the album, “Another Brick in the Wall Part II,” also hit No. 1 on the Billboard singles chart. The album was later made into a movie starring Bob Geldorf. Roger Waters, who has done a tour around a live performance of “The Wall” and released the results on DVD, will do an extensive tour this summer and into the fall through the U.S. and Canada titled “Us and Them” that will coincide with the release of a new studio album, his first since 1992. The tour will also feature music from multiple Pink Floyd discs. It begins May 26 in Kansas City, Mo. and will run into October.

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