How Trump Will Turn Things Around For Mortgages, Payday Loans and the Lending Industry as A Whole

Newly-elected president Donald Trump announces that he will impose regulations for payday loans and other forms of high-interest loans.
Pres. Trump and the Republican Congress are anticipated to supervise the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Here are the main issues in the lending industry that he will focus on:

1. Mortgage Discrimination Issues. For the past years, CFPB lead the conduct of investigation together with the Justice Department in determining whether banks, payday and mortgage lenders are discriminating against the minorities. Last year, it was proven by the Justice Department that the figure had escalated in its maximum level for the past six years and they have upgraded their redlining investigations. Bank lawyers have given statements to The Wall Street Journal and told them that they were currently handling with the largest number of cases which is much bigger compared to the number of cases they handled two decades ago.
But it isn’t too late to change and decrease the figure. The anticipated administration led by Pres. Donald Trump is awaited to diminish the predatory practices of mortgage lenders and banks. The director of Ziman Center for Real Estate at the University of California in Los Angeles, Stuart Gabriel had given his statement, “The latest figure would be diminished and drastic changes would be applied to the lending industry.” Another statement was given by the analyst at the Cowen Company, Jaret Seiberg, he posted this saying, “CFPB might be able to deal with the vital issue using rational lending enforcement.”
2. Regulatory “Excesses.” The advisers of two presidential candidates have been closely working with the mortgage banking industry for several years. David Stevens, the president and chief executive of the Mortgage Bankers Association said, “Pres. Trump’s team is very keen when it comes to the issue of regulatory excess… and eliminating Dodd Drank and declining.”
Small lenders and community banks are alerted and informed about the escalating charges of regulation. There have been many debates over this topic which is considered as pricey to be places as part of the mortgage lending.
3. Payday Loans. According to the voting that covers Democratic and Republican voters, they found out that unfair practices of payday lenders are still the main concern of the people. The CFPB are expected to step up their efforts and limit the loan, consumer advocates are highly anticipating this to happen.
Folks in South Dakota voted for Donald Trump with the hope that he would curb the interest rates that these payday lenders are charging to 36%.
The present law allows predatory payday lenders to charge the interest rate that they want and they usually do it in triple-digit. Furthermore, voters doesn’t like the idea that these lenders can freely add up the amount of interest rate that they like so they are against the opposing measure that would allow them to do that. Borrowers want everything to be fair in the lending industry and lenders hesitate to get on with it. However, payday loan providers are open to some changes as long as it can benefit their borrowers and at the same time, protect their business.

Payday Loans Provide Clear Cut Answers

Individuals who are employed or even with part-time jobs are trying their hardest to make ends meet despite of the rolling monthly income. Generally speaking, these people will agree that their paycheck is not enough to cope up with every financial need in their household, plus the unforeseen expenses that usually happens two weeks before payday. Dealing with financial drawbacks while paycheck is still weeks away is frustrating and usually, people look for a potential solution that will solve their problem. If you can’t afford to pay an unexpected medical expenses or expensive tuition fees right now, you can take out payday loan and repay it as soon as your paycheck arrives. There are various kinds of financial problems that could be addressed by payday loan, including car repair, home renovation, special occasion, electricity or water bills and many more.
The benefits that you could get from payday loan are endless. Aside from the fact that they are offered online, there’s no need for you to face pollution, traffic and long lines while processing your loan in bank companies personally since you can just sit in front of your computer, look for an online payday loan site and start processing your loan. Payday loan is easy and convenient for any borrower who is tired of going through complicated procedures to obtain the money that they need.
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